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Hi guys, I have a question for you, does your PC slows down a lot when installing a game, or decompressing a split .rar file?
When I download a game and start decompressing all the parts, all my PC goes really slow, if I try to open another tab in Google Chrome, it takes like 7 seconds to react, and to pause the music takes like 3 sec (those tasks are normally immediate).

Do you guys have the same or similar program?... is it normal???

OR, what could be causing this problem?...


PD: you can check my PC specs down below.
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  1. First of all if your downloading these games illegally then we will not help you but since this question is really simple to answer so.

    Yes your PC will Slow down depending on your system, The More RAM you have it'll help more when Extracting stuff, Aswell as the CPU becuase your PC has to extract all the files to the directed place and that can take alot of resources (depending on size)
  2. So you're telling me that you have the same problem?... so when you decompress something very big, or install an .iso game image, your PC slows down a lot too?...

  3. kinda depends on your HDD read/write as well...

    you might be having problems with your raid array
  4. It's not so much a problem... And yes HDD read/write speeds would help.
  5. This happens to me in Win7 64bit. The RAM usage starts shooting upwards (98-99%) and doesn't reduce even after the process is over. I have to Reboot as there is no other option. Can someone please help.
    The worst part is that it even happens to me in Crysis where after playing for a few minutes all my 4GB RAM is used up and it starts running at 5FPS. Until that point I get 50 FPS maxed out but it just doesn't stop taking up more RAM.
  6. is your game patched to the latest patch? such behavior is typically associated with memory leak in software programming.

    although you might also have faulty RAM, download memtest86 and run it to check for RAM issues.
  7. Quote:
    those questions/rants about ram issues with video games seem to mainly come from someone running a cracked/pirated copy.... JMO

    it's likely, but you can't be sure 100% it isn't some other issue until you do some checking
  8. Buy a new computer. Yours is obviously too slow. :p

    And stop downloading games illegally.
  9. decompressing maybe, installing a game rarely, downloading never slows me down.

    I have 4 gigs ddr2 800, GTX260 OC, c2d e8400 @3.6ghz.
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