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What is the +3.3v,+5v and +12v refer to in the asus probe voltage monitor software refer to and can or does it have to be configured...my +3.3v is registering 3.584 but twice it went to 3.6something wherein the asus probe popped up to warn me and part of the monitoring wave on the 3.3v scale turned red and I imediately crashed and couldn't reboot. The first crash cost me a new athlon 1Ghz 266Mhz cpu and the second crash nearly cost me a Duron 800Mhz I cleared the cmos at the jumpers both times(as learned at this site...thanks to the posters). I was using a pc 133 256 sdram when these crashes occurred...I reinstalled three pc 100 sdrams and havn't had a recurrance...does the ram have something to do with my problem. Also can I run a 1Ghz 266Mhz processor safely on the a7v133a motherboard without changing the board, mechanically? I would greatly appreciate any help concerning these issues...waiting patiently...Thanx
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  1. The +3.3v monitor is the I/O Voltage Setting, that controls the amount of voltage supplied to the DRAM, chipset, AGP...you know what? Turn to page 21 in the motherboard manual.

    Anyways, I wonder what you mean by changing anything on the board mechanically. You need to change jumpers around to suit your needs. BTW, changed your I/O Voltage jumper to 3.30 volts. Plus, use jumpered mode (page 18). Change the Front Side Bus (page 22) to 133MHz and the Multiplier (page 23) to 7.5. Set the vCore (page 24) to 1.75 volts. Now, try that 1GHz CPU.

    I know this is all tedious, and it is possible to change those settings from the BIOS, but it's better in the long run because the BIOS settings might not "stick". Plus, you know exactly how they always be because the settings are tangible.

    The first crash cost me a new athlon 1Ghz 266Mhz cpu and the second crash nearly cost me a Duron 800Mhz

    Does this mean that they got burned? Scary thought...

    Anyways, after changing the jumpers, but that 1GHz Athlon in. Plus, if you do POST, go straight into the BIOS and change the DRAM frequency to 133.

    Please post your progress... :eek:
  2. Yeah... likewise
    I am experiencing similar voltage changes(drops) with my A7A266.
    My sys:
    Enermax 430W PSU
    AMD Athlon 1.2c GHz
    Asus A7A266 mobo
    HERCULES 3D Prophet III
    512MB Crucial PC2100 DDR SDRAM
    30Mb IBM Deskstar 7200RPM
    SB Live,Dynalink NIC,Modem,etc

    Have had a few crashes - but mostly just voltage drops and temp spikes on the CPU (only lasts ~5sec) then sys ok.
    My symptoms are very periodic (14m:00s apart) while idle

    Will Query ASUS Tech support about this i guess (unless anyone else has a fix/experience with this prob. :(
    Need a BIOS Update i'd guess....

    BTW i believe the following are the regulated voltages
    +12V = Power supply to HD,CD,Fans, etc
    +5V = Keyboard,Mouse,USB etc
    +3.3V = CPU/Mem
    So if your +3.3 voltage spikes = expensive (as you already know)
    Set the thresholds to warn of impending doom - ie +\- 10%.
    pause/cancel resource intensive tasks and see whats hapn'
  3. I want to thank btvillarin, polaris and others I have not seen yet for your speedy replies...I have looked at the jumper settings and my I/O voltage is set at the default of 3.45 on the jumper...the manual recommends not to make it higher...but there is no higher setting that I can see...my understanding, from you advice is that setting it at 3.3v (which is lower than default) will be a safer bet, since the voltage on 3.3v, 5v, and 12v, seem to overclock anyway...my current readings being 3.583v, 5.16v and 12.403 thru .463v at the default I/O jumper setting in jumper free mode. Also are you suggesting that the cpu might still work if I change these settings and must I use pc133 sdram...with the athlon 1Ghz 266Mhz cpu...finally I am confused about the PCI 3volt setting on page 20...I am using a geforce 2MX Dh pro card...has a fan on the chip and supprots dual monitor and tv out...should I change this jumper or leave it at the default of 3vsb...I'm not certain of what they mean by auxillary power...I was going to reply earlier but my 3.3v spiked to 3.6 again and I immediately shut down...am currently using the duron 800Mhz with pc100 sdram and it's is vcore 1.6 is clocking at 1.696 but doesn't say it's a problem...the jumper free bios clocked the vcore to 1.5. I really appreciate the help so far and hope that you see this reply...and will again take the time to answer my many questions...Thankyou,
    frew of stew
  4. polaris...was nosing around asus site for this info too...didn't find any posts...will keep looking...btvillarin's post 06/06/01 10:26am could possibly be the answer(says jumper settings more stable for voltage at 3.3v)...I would be interested to know what asus has on this problem...happy hunting!!!!
  5. I know the default VIO is 3.45, but I changed it because I was trying to make it equivalent with what my RAM requires. <A HREF="http://www.crucial.com/store/PartSpecs.asp?imodule=CT32M64S4D7E" target="_new">Click here to see my RAM specs</A>...look for voltage...

    I'm not sure about the 5v and 12v. I haven't learned anything about that yet, but I haven't seen anything in the manual either.

    As for the VSB, leave the default for that.

    But yeah, I want you to try the 1GHz and the PC133 SDRAM. Plus, try changing all those jumpers, the CPU and RAM (cuz it seems that you haven't).
  6. Thanks for the site, I didn't know that Crucial shipped to Canada :)

    "He who laughs last doesn't get the joke"
  7. No problem...

    Dangit...the price went up from $67... :mad: I really need some money.
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