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HELP I have a notebook and desktop PC both running WindowsXP home. Both have same prob. If there is no CD or DVD in the drive when booted up the drive will not read from the disc when inserted with the PC running.
The light flashes on the drive and the small 'wizard' window appears but when clicking on it "please insert disc in drive D" pops up!! I have to shut down with a disc in the drive and re boot. After that can swap and change discs with no prob.
Any ideas out there?
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  1. Silly question time-have you checked that the data cables to the drives arer secure on the drive and motherboard. Don't laugh, usually the simplest solution is the best.
  2. What cd burning software are you using?
    If it is an old version of nero upgrade it. If it is roxio or adaptec get rid of it :)

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  3. I had a similar problem when I install nero 6. somehow my drive switched over to PIO mode and wasnt reading correctly. Check in the system properties under ide controller and make sure its still set at udma
  4. No, just checked that as I have nero6 installed but still set as UDMA. Though you might have cracked it then..thanks anyway.
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