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Starcraft II won't start

I recently changed my motherboard, processor, GPU, and case about 2 weeks ago maybe not even that long. Switched over the HDD and everything was fine, all my games still worked and there were no problems of any sort. The day I switched everything I ran Starcraft II no problems at all but now it won't start. Every time I try to open it, a box pops up then just automatically closes.

I tried a restore to the day I switched everything and that didn't work, tried to uninstall/reinstall and when I tried to run the disc, the mouse would get the little loading circle then it just went away and nothing happened. I tried to do a digital download and it did the same thing. Tried another restore, same thing. I copied the files into a folder and tried to run them from there and it still did nothing. I tried running the repair tool in the support folder and it says to run it from the Starcraft II directory. I'm completely at a loss here, if anyone can help me that would be great.
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  1. The only thing i can really think to trouble shoot here is to check that the game is compatable with all the components (CPU and GPU). Im sure it probably is, but there is sometimes cases where games dont support the hardware and just simply dont work. Might be worth emailing starcraft support and tell them your specs and see if they have any ideas.
  2. I'm not sure where to loo and if I could find a list of specific compatible parts but I just upgrade from an i3 530 and radeon 5750 to an i5 2500k and gtx 560 ti. I guess I'll send an email off to support because I can't find anything on the internet quite like this.
  3. If it worked once after you did the upgrade and then stopped working, something else must have gone wrong besides the upgrade. Did you make any other changes besides swapping out components?
  4. Nope, but I've discovered it's not the only program that won't work. Though I don't hardly use it, Gamespy Comrade won't open and it did rigt after switching them. I tried to download superantispyware and run it but it wouldn't open either. I have Trend Micro and ran it and it didn't detect any viruses so I ran the free version of Avira and it didn't detect anything either.
  5. Please list complete system specs, including OS. And btw, don't try and run more than one AV program at the same time.
  6. mobo: MSI p67-gd65

    cpu: i5 2500k

    memory: gskill ripjaw 4gb(2x2) pc 12800

    HDD: WD caviar blue 500gb

    DVD: lite-on 24x dvd/rw

    GPU: MSI gtx 560ti twin frozr II

    PSU: CoolerMaster gx 650

    case: HAF 922

    OS: Windows 7 Home Premium - OEM
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    That system should run SC2 just fine.

    You have the disc, I presume? Do a backup of any saved games you may have, do a complete uninstallation, and be sure to remove any folders with references to the game. Then start from scratch.
  8. I had tried the uninstall/reinstall with no luck several days ago. I'm trying to do it now though and it's telling me that the uninstall.xml can't be read. I have never had that problem before.
  9. Seems that between all the uninstalls, reinstalls, manual file copying, and system restores, the installation is completely broken. You may have to try a 3rd party tool to do a proper uninstallation. CCleaner might work.
  10. This is by far the most bizarre problem I have ever seen. It would open last night, but only to the error reporter which is more than it would do before. After being unable to uninstall it, I just tried to reinstall the game over it and managed to reinstall the game and all the patches and had it running last night. I was able to run it along with all of the other programs I had that wouldn't open including superantispyware which detected 131 cookies/spyware. I don't know why it let me do it now as I've not done anymore restores or changed anything else but it all works now.
  11. What other AV software do you have running? From practical experience, I would highly recommend ditching everything you currently have and switching to Microsoft Security Essentials. It works beautifully with Windows 7 and is completely free. I used Trend Micro for a long time, and it gave me more trouble than most free AV suites, not mention the fact that it eats up system resources.

    So SC2 is working now you say?
  12. Trend is the only other one that I have running. I deleted Avira after I ran the free version and it detected nothing. I'll look in to Microsoft Security Essentials since my Trend subscription is about to expire.

    Right now, everything is running fine. Just finished a game of SC2 no problems, running around 110 fps. I have no idea what caused this problem, but I do appreciate all the help!
  13. Glad to hear it!
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