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ASUS A7V Motherboard Support Athlon 1.33 266 CPU?

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June 6, 2001 10:24:39 PM

I now have a ASUS A7V Motherboard that I puchased around nine months ago.

What do I need to upgrade for this Motherboard to support an AMD Athlon Axia 1.33 266 FSB CPU which I just purchased from EBAY?

I already ordered a PC Power And Cooling System Silencer 400 Watt ATX Power Supply to replace my Silencer 275 Watt Power Supply.

I currently have PC-100 RAM in the ASUS Motherboard, so I assume that I need some PC-133 RAM to support the AMD Athlon 1.33 266 FSB CPU.


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June 6, 2001 11:19:34 PM

That motherboard you have does not support 266mhz fsb.

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June 6, 2001 11:55:25 PM

How will my AMD Athlon Axia 1.33 266 FSB Suffer from the ASUS A7V Motherboard?

Does the CPU then run at 200 instead?

What other changes do I need to do on the Motherboard to support the Athlon 1.33 266 FSB CPU?

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June 7, 2001 12:31:56 AM

it may run in theory if you are VERY savvy about your settings (i.e. perfect voltage) but I would not reccommend it... for another thing your multiplier will be off as your running a 266 bus.

better to invest in a decent MSI or Epox etc KT133A mainboard.

Later Jim

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