Crysis 2 Black Screen

hello buddies,
I have recently update the Crysis 2 to patch 1.9.
Afterwards i installed the Dx11 upgrade.
Now when i start the game,the screen goes black i can see the cursor and i can hear the sound as well.
But i m unable to visualize it.
Need help......................................................
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  1. buy the game... its only an issue because its a pirate version. the legit version works fine.
  2. I am having the same problem after upgrading Crysis 2 to v1.9 with DX11 pack even though I have the legit copy. I have already finished this game in extreme settings but after upgrading when loading the campaign the screen goes black and game crashes displaying an error message. I then updated drivers of GTX470 but it still crashes. Crysis and Crysis Warhead are running fine but Crysis 2 is crashing.

    My PC's configuration is : Windows XP SP2 OS, Intel DG33FBC motherboard, Intel core 2 duo E8400 @ 3 GHz processor, 4 GB DDR2 RAM, Seagate 500 GB SATA HDD, Cooler Master GX 650W PSU with 52Amps available on +12V rail, CPU air-cooled, EVGA GTX 470 SC 1280MB DDR5.

    I know DX11 wont work for XP but Crytek said that DX11 pack will work with DX9 also. Geeks here will surely find a solution to this problem :sol:
  3. To fix the black screen problem, you need to search for : Game Fix / Crack: Crysis 2 v1.9 All No-DVD [Fairlight] NoDVD NoCD. The Rar file is about 23.8MB, when you right click on the Crysis2.exe copy it to the bin32 folder and replace the original. If you cannot find the file search in google for : crysis 2 crack then download Game Fix / Crack: Crysis 2 v1.9 All No-DVD [Fairlight] NoDVD NoCD.from this website:
  4. thanks alot tech_1n , after some long research for finding the solution,finally ur crack fixed it,thanks alot !
    i had problems of gave launching with sound and all but with blackscreen , jst replaced his crack and booom it loads with no blackscreen.
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