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DirectX error Call of Duty 5

I just completed a new build. It is not really for gaming but I wanted to play an old copy of Call of Duty : World at War. I installed it and when I go to run the game I am prompted with this error:

DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error. Check the readme for possible solutions.

Here are the components I am working with:

Z68 chipset
On-die graphics from a core i5 (Intel HD 3000)
8GB RAM (1600MHZ, CAS8)

I downloaded Direct3D11 and set the hardware acceleration to full (it already was).

I can't seem to figure this out. I have looked at solutions on other forums, but they either don't work for me or do not apply to my current situation.

I would appreciate any help that can be provided.
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  1. You can try installing the lates directx updates.
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    I solved it. For anyone with the same problem, you need to enable all the display features in dxdiag [go to run (windows key + r) and type in dxdiag and hit enter) then go to display to see if the features are enabled. If they are shaded and say "not available" then you need to download a file from Intel's website. I forgot how I got to it because I had to reinstall the OS, but I kept the file. It is called "win7vista_64_15221". Apparently you need drivers for the on-die graphics. I just assumed you wouldn't.

    Also, you don't need the Direct3D11 for this to work.
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