Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising Multiplayer and LAN

Hey all,

So I know that you can't play LAN on DOW2 using one copy of the game (I have had one copy for almost a year), but it and Chaos Rising are on sale for 15$ and I'm wondering if this will work:

1) Buy Chaos Rising

-if i do this i'll be able to play LAN but one PC will only be able to use Chaos. I can use my original DOW2 product key to unlock the other races for multiplayer but will that mean that I can't play LAN because I am then using the same product key on both computers?

^ please tell me if that is or isn't clear?

2) Buy another copy of DOW2 and just play with the original 4 races online and on LAN.

Thanks in advance all!
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  1. Buy the newest game it has all the races except chaos I think.
  2. you can't play against somebody with the original dawn of war 2 though. i want to play against my bro within my house but we can't with one copy of the game/one product code. what is the best way for us to play each other?
  3. just get the original it's only 14$ with steam sale right now.
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