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Im looking to build a new system and the hardest thing to decide is which motherboard I want to buy. I want to have DDR so I've decided to go with a board based on the AMD 760 chipset so that I can get max performance. I was all set to buy the Asus A7M266 but then I saw that Giga-Byte made a board (the GA-7DXR) that performed the same but also had the onboard RAID that I was looking for. I was just wondering if anyone has any comments to make on this board (GA-7DXR), as there are not very many reviews of it out there. I have read the few that exist and they are all favorable. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Any motherboard you buy today will be within 5% points of each other at most. Usually a lot less. Right now I am looking at the MSI K7 Master, which has recieved good reviews. For the most part you should just choose a company that you trust and a board that has the features that you will use.
  2. i personally like the ga-7dxr mobo

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  3. Heres a question for you,
    If a mobo has a built-in raid controller on it, do you need to use it? I mean, do you need to have raid setup or is it just n option you can use at a later time if you want?

    thanks in advance

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  4. i might not be sure about this, but i don't think you have to use the raid setup if you don't want to. Now if the ide slots are dedicated solely for raid than maybe? can anyone clarify?

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  5. You dont have to use the on board RAID if you dont want to. The boards include the two standard IDE sockets and another two for the RAID Array.
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