Tweaking games using an amd card for graphics and nvidia for physx

i recently upgraded from a 9800gt to a 6950 hd there were some driver issues at first but i eventually got it working, i then proceeded to do the shader unlock on the card so it would perform closer to a 6970hd .all well and good but then i wanted to get physx support so i threw in the 9800gt in the second pcie slot and got a driver mod to allow the cards to work together .alice 2 and batman aa have been working very well and i have'nt seen any performance drop in games that don't use phyx even though the cards are only running at pcie 8x 2.0 .the only problem i have encountered is with prototype, the game is no longer filling up the screen and it just looks ugly, it says the settings are at the highest, but looks like when they are set to low and when i do set them to low it is clear that there is no change in graphic quality .now this is just one game , thing is this the one game that i play the most. does any body have any idea how to remedy this problem without giving up the physx support
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  1. A hybrid AMD/Nvidia setup is dodgy at best. No test that I have seen got very promising results by trying to combine the two.
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