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I'm planning on installing four 1TB WD Caviar Black hard drives into a four-bay RAID enclosure (with Hardware RAID built-in); I plan on using RAID 5. The array will be connected via eSATA to my Windows 7 32 bit PC. Since my disk capacity will be 3TB, this will put me over the 2TB limit. In order to correct this and have my PC see the array, do I need to format each drive in the array using GPT, or do I just format the array that shows up in Disk Management using GPT? there another procedure required? I haven't built the array yet; just being proactive.

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  1. First you need to configure the four drives as a single RAID-5 volume with 3TB capacity. Then you need to go into Disk Management and create a GPT volume on the logical 3GB drive, and finally you need to format it.
  2. So, just to confirm, the volume WILL show up in Disk Management, even though it's over the 2TB limit? If that's the case, everything else seems pretty straightforward.
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