A7V Keyboard Power On? - Also standby resume probs

Hi all,

I'm running Windows 98. A while ago I upgraded my system from an ASUS P2B/Celeron 300A to a ASUS A7V/Athlon 1000. While putting the new system together, I noticed that some of the case wire labels didn't really have an exact match on the motherboard 'jumper' connectors, but I made a best guess.

Anyway, everything works, except:

1. I can no longer do a "Keyboard Power On", like I could with my old P2B. Does this feature not exist on the A7V, or am I missing the right BIOS/jumper/case wire setting?

2. My PS2 keyboard only works in the socket that is closest to the motherboard (the 'bottom' socket), not the top socket.

3. If the machine goes into standby mode, when it comes out the mouse (serial) doesn't work. However, using the keyboard to navigate to "Add New Hardware" control panel, and click Next twice (so I get to the panel with the "Scan or pick" choice), the mouse magically comes back to life.

4. There is no mouse device appearing in the Device Manager tab of the System control panel. Manually adding "Logitech Serial" or "Logitech Mouseman Serial" causes one to appear, but doesn't solve problem #3.

I've found a Microsoft tech support note regarding fixing the serial-mouse-frozen-on-resume problem, but the fix they describe doesn't work for me.

I'm suspecting that all these problems may be related. Any ideas?

(I'm running BIOS 1007)
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  1. Whats your power supply? I just upgraded from a celeron466 abit lx6 board to a biostar m7mia athlon 1.33GHz. My power supply didnt have enough max output to do anything more then reach bios and the keyboard did flake out quite a bit. I was using a PcPower&Cooling turbo cool 300 ATX, but that supply is only rated to an athlon 850 by AMD. My 350 is on the way now which is good to 1.4GHz according to AMD. My max Watt output is going from 150W to 220W. I also heard another guy on here had a system that would freeze after a few min, but after upgrading the power supply it worked fine. Ill update this on monday when I get the power supply and tell if it worked.

    Check out your system here:
  2. I have an A7V, don’t know how much help I will be but I’ll give it a try.

    What do u mean by "Keyboard Power On"?

    As for your keyboard, mine is plugged into the same spot. The top socket (green) is for the mouse. I have a USB mouse now but never had the problem u described but have u tried the following.

    Have u tried a different mouse or different drivers?
    U could try using the generic mouse driver just to see if it’s the problem.

    Thx & Cya

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  3. I think he means turning the computer on by hitting a key on the keyboard, such as the spacebar or something... i've seen people do this, but i too was wondering how it might be done on the a7v
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