Cod black ops not running

I am not getting to the black screen that some other folks are getting to on the startup. I click on either SP or MP and I get the clock on my pointer, but still the Steam screen in the background. I let it go all night last night and had some box on the PC that said could not active 3D device or something like that. I have a 9400gt video card and processor is intel core 2 duo.
I have no issues running MW2 without problems.

my question is
what is the problem? and
how can i run it?
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  1. Black Ops is a little bit demanding compared to MW2. Have you tried updating your gpu card?
  2. Black ops looks the same as MW2 but more demanding on hardware. No idea what the problem is but if you were able to run the game it would be choppy as hell.
  3. It won't be that choppy.
    I own an 8400GS, miles worse than a 9400GT and still the game ran smooth and I found it a bit too choppy in the jungle. Tried re-installing ? Updated your graphics drivers ? Also, the OS you're using.
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