During games I lag out every 15 seconds

I usually don't post here but this is the first time I have had a problem and haven't been able to find an answer on any forum what so ever. I love windows 8 besides a few minor things but I CANNOT play multiplayer games, with a few exceptions. I tried Chivalry: Medieval warfare, and as soon as I join a game 15 seconds into it everyone is holding still and I leave the game, in The Hidden I join and leave the game immediately saying Connection Lost, Garrysmod as well. Counterstrike works and thats about all the games I have tried. I have tried download Ethernet card drivers straight from my motherboard manufacturer website and disabling the firewall but no dice... Any help is appreciated.
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  1. My best guess would be the Ethernet drivers on your PC are not behaving correctly with Windows 8. What Ethernet Card are you using/motherboard make/model? And are you getting disconnected when browsing or is it only happening with multiplayer games?
  2. I have only had problems with ingame lag I have a MSI 990XA-GD55 motherboard. Realtek RTL8111E Ethernet card. Ingame it says my ping is about 60-80 but not to the point were it kicks me for having that bad of a connection. Browsing internet seems fine
  3. I reinstalled windows 8 and accidently installed 32 bit, absolutley no problems but I needed 64 bit reinstall again and then I get the same problem beforeI reinstalled any ideas?
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