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Hello all, I hope you can help.
I have been a happy XP user for a very long time but have made the plunge to Windows 7. A little background first. I’m running an Intel E8400 which isn’t over-clocked, 4 gigs of memory, and 2 Asus 8800 GT vid card. I’m running duel monitors – one being a RCA LCD 32 inch and a Scetre LCD 19 inch. While running these monitors in XP my RCA’s resolution was 1366X768 @ 60 htz and ran fine. The reason I went to Windows 7 in the first placed was running the two monitors I couldn’t use my SLI and I like this feature on my rig so I upgraded to windows 7 64 ultimate – clean install. Under Windows 7 now the scetre is at 1360X768 where I want it but I can’t get the RCA to do this as it states my monitor doesn’t support this res. I know this isn’t true as it worked fine in XP. I also have the current Nv driver installed and spent awhile trying to get it to work. I guess my questions is: Do I just have to wait unit Nv decides to better support 7? As I’m new to 7 I open to any ideas.

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  1. If asus has drivers for win7 (which i doubt) you could try those they might work better, or you could always try a different connection method (if available) than the one you had before and see if it works out. Are you using plain old VGA or DVI to HDMI or some sort ??
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