Stalker call of prypat

Hey just got styalker call of prypat off of steam and it i will never start up fixed this prblem by closing xfire an putting steam to offline mode. Now it loads up but has insane loading times and when finally in game take a step game freezes for about 20 seconds then another step so on a so forth. All my drivers are uptodate and my pc specs are as follows:- I7 2.66 oc 3.2ghz, 6gb corsair xms ram, gigabyte uxd5 motherboard, 950w psu, sli gforce 275, 360gb c drive and a 1t d drive, Windows 7 ultimate. Why wont this game work SC worked fine and all other games like dirt3, Black ops, crysis all run maxxed and forced between 30 and 120fps (depending on game). Any help would be greatly appriciated as i loved SC and really want to plar CoP.
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  1. forgot to say my ram is ddr3 and and have 3 cards a 2gb each.
  2. have you checked the steam files...
    your well within spec to max out the game pretty much. in dx10...
    have you checked your event logs and seen if its the game exe or an accosted file..
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