List of PC Games NOT requiring pixel shaders

Hi Everybody ..... Could you please list me pc games which do not require any pixel shader .... :bounce: [you must think that what age am i living in .. but :bounce: please .. i'm not going to upgrade now that i will only get to play at weekends due to study ] :D :bounce: :hello:
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    Just look for games that are compatible with DirectX 7. DirectX 8 introduced Pixel Shader 1.x to Windows XP. An example would The Sims.

    DX8 was introduced back in Nov. 2000. I would assume that games stopped supporting DX7 when MS introduced DX9 back in Dec. 2002.
  2. Games I recall playing are:

    Half Life 1
    Unreal 1 and 2
  3. Mount and Blade warband has a DX7 mode I think.
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