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I'm just getting into pc gaming but since i had my new desktop build i haven't had the best results with gaming.
I get poor performance on pretty much every game i've tried from Mass Effect 2/ crysis 1 and 2 and now Arkham Asylum.
I get a lot of frame rate drops and in some cases like crysis 2 i can't even play on medium settings without massive drops.
I've tried a lot of tweaks, research etc but i'm pretty much going crazy here. Help me out.

Chipset : AMD 880G
Processor : AMD Phenom II X6 1090T @ 3200MHz
Physical Memory : 8192MB (4 x 2048 DDR3-SDRAM )
Video Card : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570
Hard Disk : Western Digital WD5000AAKS-00UU3A0 ATA Device (500GB)
Hard Disk : Hitachi HTS543232L9A300 (320GB)
DVD-Rom Drive : ATAPI iHAS324 B
Monitor Type : Toshiba TOSHIBA-TV - 40 inches
Network Card : Realtek Semiconductor RTL8168/8111 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
Operating System : Windows 7 Ultimate Professional Media Center 6.01.7600 (64-bit)
DirectX : Version 11.00
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  1. Seeing your specs ... these games should run like anything .. but since you're getting problems , i think its most probably because of low compatibility of your cpu components .. it sometimes happens that some combinations do not work properly
    i'm not sure about it ..
    Have you tried running games in different compatibility modes ???
    It may also be a compatibility problem between your AMD processor and your Nvidia graphic card

    Yours Sincerely ,
  2. Yeah. I've tried different setting on Arkham Asylum but it's the same result. I also noticed that in Crysis 1 i could not get good performance in full screen mode. In crysis 2 dx11 won't work in full screen as i'm getting like 20-25 fps when in dx9 i can only get 60 fps in medium settings. Given my specs i don't know what could be causing the low fps. I have a 550w psu. Could that be the weak link?
  3. Yups most probably thats the weak link 'coz your gtx 570 only requires a 550w PSU. Your processor and other components also suck power , so your gpu and processor both would be running in less power, which would be causing the problems in performance. so you should get a good 600 - 700 w PSU . This should most probably solve the problem. please try it and tell if the problem was solved or not .

    Yours sincerely ,
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll see if i can get a new one tomorrow and i'll let you know how it goes.

    Yours Sincerely ,
  6. i really doubt it has anything to do with your power supply, especially if it is a high quality 550 w unit. also AMD processors are perfectly compatible with nvidia gpus. and what exactly are ``low compatibility of cpu components``?

    tell us your resolution and what frame rates you are getting at what settings. also make sure you drivers are up to date
  7. Sorry if i was wrong .. was just trying to help .. am a newcomer .. will learn with time..
    and about the low compatibility cpu parts .. it happened with my friend .. his ramsticks were causing problems he changed those and the probs were solved .. but when i tried using those ram sticks they worked just fine .. so i guessed its about the compatibility ...

    Yours Sincerely ,
  8. Alright so I got a new corsair 700w gaming power supply and performance problem is still very present.

    In crysis 2 i'm getting miex results. I've tried dif resolutions and settings and the highest steady frame rate i get is without dx11 and on High setting. Anything other than that will get from 24 to 35 to 10. Also fraps is displaying a lot of weird rates like 90fps when the it's clearly moving at a much slower rate. Getting massive and sudden framedrops also. HELP
  9. forgot to mention that performance also changes a lot when switching between full screen and windowed.
  10. You have not listed what driver sets you are using or anything. You need to do that. A good start too would be to uninstall your motherboard and audio drivers, and your graphics card drivers. Then run driver sweeper and make sure they are all cleaned out. After that, do a fresh install of the newest drivers for everything. Install the motherboard drivers first, audio second, and graphics 3rd.
  11. Ok so I managed to get smooth gameplay on crysis 2 playing at 1600x900 Windowed dx11 extreme settings. it was running fine but the moment i tried full screen fps droped from 60 to 20. also when window i quit the game and restareted (just quit and resumed) and started to get 15 fps as soon as hit the resume button.

    BIOS is up to date BTW. Using latest drivers I could find for GPU.
  12. Quote:
    With you running Win7 64-bit I don't see the problem being driver related... At lease I never had those problems with 7 unlike vista.

    Assuming you are running stock and having the bios settings done right I'd go and check for latest drivers for everything from their websites.

    550w (even if it is top of the line) wouldn't be enough. PC parts are more at risk to under voltage. I hope you didn't damage anything with that 550w......

    How can i check if anything was damaged by the old PSU? Going out of my mind here. Thanks
  13. Alright I'll try a clean install. Also trien Arkham Asylum again and got pretty good performance, some fps drops here and there but nothing drastic. But after maybe 15-20 mins it crawls to 15-20 fps. Temps are fine and closed all processes and background apps but no use. which version would u recommend for gaming? 64 or 32 bit? thanks

    BTW I had already tried making a clean install from Windows 7 home premium to Ultimate. Should it help to do it again?
  14. Actually I've had similar low performance with crysis 1 and warhead also. Both running on DX9. With Mass Effect 2 i barely had any issues but some times the fps drop after minutes of gameplay would happen like in arkham asylum and crysis 2.

    Another concern is that I see videos of people playing on pcs with lower specs than mine and still get much better performance. This has been an issue with my pc since day one.
  15. Could you note the temperature of your cpu when this low fps thing happens .. ??

    Also try playing at lower resolutions ... it usually increases fps .. !!!!

    Yours Sincerely ,
  16. First off, replacing the PSU was entirely unnecessary. The ridiculous draw towards the "bigger means better" mentality is idiotic, especially when people don't understand the difference between quality and crappy PSUs.

    Some things to consider when picking a PSU:

    1: Ripple voltage, the lower the better. Ripple is the equivalent of an electrical "noise" in the power that CAN be damaging to motherboards and hard drives. Ripple will always be there, but it can be mitigated by a supply with more sophisticated circuitry and superior components.

    2: Voltage stability. Voltage is a, or rather, SHOULD be a static value, its the analogue of electrical pressure, and the more stable it is, well, you know...

    3: Reviews that indicate voltage are well withing 5%, but really, you want within 2.5% plus or minus, ideally. In other words, for the 12volt rail(s), within 11.70 to 12.30. A voltage that is too little will present problems to a circuit just as a voltage too high can, but for different reasons.

    4: Look at Ampere ratings on the 3.3, 5, & 12 volt rails. Also don't shortchange on the standby voltage, either. Don't trouble over the negative rails.

    5: Quality of components: Do they use Japanese capacitors, are transistors from reputable manufacturers, and so on...

    6: Cooling: What kind of heat sinks and their layout, and what kind(s) of fan(s).

    7: Noise: Larger fans are generally easier on the ears. Some units chirp or make humming noises when driven harder.

    8: Efficiency: How much of the AC current is turned into heat and noise versus how little is. Some units are "gold" rated.

    You say you are gaming on a TV. What is the TV's native resolution? Are you gaming on that native resolution or not? You can have some pretty horrible problems if you have a 720p TV and are trying to game at 1920x1080.

    Also, are you trying to play with ubersampling or DoF (If Cry2 is patched to DX11) turned to the max? Despite the prowess of today's GPUs, even they can be brought to their knees at "normal" (i.e. 1080) resolutions if you try to go full throttle on the DX11 eye candy (relevant only to DX11 games like Crysis 2). What settings are you using?

    Lastly, I am wondering about is your CPU. AMD makes notoriously weak CPUs when it comes to extreme gaming. The 4-core Phenom IIs are known to outperform the six-core ones simply because they are usually overclocked and a game doesn't use 6 cores.

    What cooling solution do you have on your CPU? Would it support a modest overclock?
  17. Alright so fresh windows 7 install. Got 60 fps smooth on crysis 2 without dx11 and max settings but after 6-8 mins it slows down horribly to 12-14 fps. I'm playing on a toshiba 40" lcd 1080p.

    As for cpu i'm trying 6 cores unlocked to see if it'll improve performance but no luck so far.

    I have a Corsair h50 cpu cooler. I was looking into overclocking a bit, tried using Asus Turbo software but really saw no dif. How should I go about it? BIOS directly cause i saw some people doing it but the BIOS looked really different, display/setting names wise.

    BTW the CPU temperature when the slow down/low fps occurs is 46. GPU is 62.
  18. I would highly recommend patching Crysis 2 to DX11--even if you don't use DX11 features like DoF, it should be a performance boost.

    Other than that, it may be a memory leak--your temperatures are not excessive.

    If you are interested in OCing your X6, there are a plethora of guides out there to get you started. But do it from the BIOS, not a program.
  19. Quote:
    I don't know if I should laugh at you or cry.

    Then you obviously have little clue about real power consumption. Do you think a 570 devours 550w?
  20. Quote:

    200ish watts just for your CPU stock at max load. Please link us to your mobo's specs webpage.

    This is incorrect. The graphic is clearly marked "Total System Power Consumption". How do you expect a 125W CPU to pull down 200W?
  21. Ok so updated the game to dx11 and can only get decent framerates 1699x900 windowed mode. As soon as i hit full screen the game drops to 10-12fps and stays that way even when i switch to windowed again. But if i quit and resume the game without closing the app it goes up back to 60. my cpu is running at 3.6ghz right now but i can't notice any difference in performance. The only real components that i can think are causing trouble are the cpu/mobo. I've tried everything else.
  22. What memory do you have? I would pull it all out and test each stick individually.

    Have you checked the game's forums for other people with a 1090T having similar problems?

    I think your problem goes beyond a simple AMD handicap. Not to ask an idiotic question, but have you turned all the graphical settings to low and verified you still have the FPS problem?
  23. Yeah I've tried all resolutions and graphics settings. I was having problems with dx9 but dx11 is really screwing it all up for me. I haven't tried remoing ram sticks I'll give it a try.

    But if i remember correctly as soon as i used this rig for the first time it gave me poor performance. Added 4gb ram and radeon 6870. Still poor perf. Got GTX570 and i'm still here going mad.

    I'm really new at pc gaming but shouldn't my specs run these games just fine?
  24. ghost-0000 said:

    I'm really new at pc gaming but shouldn't my specs run these games just fine?

    Aside from a notoriously weak CPU for gaming, yes, your specs should run 90% of the stuff out there at very high settings.
  25. Which AMD processor would you recommend? Or do you think I should get new mobo/processor?
  26. ghost-0000 said:
    Which AMD processor would you recommend? Or do you think I should get new mobo/processor?

    Gamers who go with AMD prefer the fastest Phenom II X4 (fewer cores means less heat with a higher overclock). Your issues, however, go beyond the X6--you should see better performance. Next time around, however, consider an Intel chip--Intel is about four years ahead of the competition in terms of CPUs.
  27. Your components are all good so there is something wrong with something. I recommend running Memtest to check the RAM then run Prime95 to check the CPU temps and stability, if thats all OK then the GPU most likely has a problem. Do you still get this with all games or just crysis?
  28. I get the same problem with all games. I don't think it's my gpu cause i had the same problem with radeon hd 6870 and bought the gtx 570 to see if it would fix the problem.
    I already ran memtest and everything checked out. Gonna try those other tests now
  29. Well I'm running prime95 and temps seem stable. How long should i leave it running? Seen a lot of fighting over the issue on forums. Thanks
  30. I would say an hour is a moderate length of time to determine 99% certainty on your stability.

    Another option is 12 hours, but you may be barking up the wrong tree if it passes without fault.

    Can you run a GPU test like the one in OCCT or Furmark?
  31. SCORE 1796 points 29 fps, 60000ms

    max gpu temp 76
    fps min 29, max 31, avg 29- options DynBkg
  32. It is disabled. Only GTX 570 enabled.
  33. I'll try removing ram sticks and see. As for mobo i don't have access to another one unless I buy another one.
  34. did u try to completely remove all of your current gpu drivers and do a fresh reinstall of the latest ones? i know that it was a problem for my 6870 for the longest while until i tried to completely delete all drivers then reinstall them and the my frames on crysis went from about 12fps to 38 fps ... its worth a try if u havent... also im not familiar with nvidia drivers but check to see if ur running super sample AA because if u are then that is ur problem... SSAA is a KILLER when it comes to frame rates.
  35. I had already uninstalled the old amd drivers for my 6870 and used driver sweeper. I had the problem from the initial config/ components. I'll check the ssaa as soon as i get home tonight.
  36. So I took out 2 sticks of ram and tried playing with 4 gb. I was able to get good framerate playing without dx11 and 1920x1080 on very high settings. No slowdown this time but got a message saying that the computer was low on mem. Gonna try with 6gb. DX11 still unplayable though.
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