GTA IV Lag spikes

Ok so i'm having some real problems with GTA IV..
The game runs fine, with about 60 FPS, but every like 3 seconds it gives me huge lag spikes, the FPS drops to 1 FPS and stuff, and it makes the game unplayable :(
I know the game can run on my system, and i have tried it on other systems too :??:

My system:
AMD Athlon II x2 250 @ 3.0 GHz ( can overclock)
4Gb of RAM
Gainward GT 430 1 GB
Windows 7 home 32 bit

this is the other system i have tried it on:
Core i3 530 @ 2.93 GHz
8 GB of RAM
GT 240 1 GB
750 GB HDD
Windows 7 home 64 bit

So yeah it seems like there is something wrong with the GAME itself.
What do i do?
Am i the only one with this problem?
And don't tell me it's my systems fault! I know that it's something else causing this :kaola:
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  1. There's nothing wrong with your rig. From what I've read, GTA 4 is a badly ported game. It's a resource hog.
  2. i paid money for a shitty game that doesnt even run properly??
    But it ran great on the first system i tried it on, and it has a C2D 6600 2.4GHz, 2 GB of RAm, Windows XP and a GeForce 7950 GX2..
    I dont understand this
  3. GTA IV is just really badly coded. Even on high end hardware it has problems. It is one of the only games out there right now that needs a quad core CPU to get good performance.
  4. you dont have a quad core nor do you have a gaming gpu. that is your problem. mainly your cpu is the problem though and i believe this game favors intel dont know why maybe because theyve always had the better stuff so it looks that way but that explains why your intel rig was better.
  5. Yeah im looking forward to those games.

    But STILL, the others, you STILL dont understand that it's NOT my hardware that is the problem. I'm 100% certain that it is NOT.
    So please, do shutup about my system being crappy, as the game runs FINE if you forget about the stuttering/lag spikes, wich is a known problem on any system.
    So pelase do shut up about that, and tell me how to FIX the GAME.
    Am i understood?
  6. I was about to explain what is wrong but you want people to shut up so I will remain silent. And I doubt that other members will help you now after you tell them all to shut up.
  7. Yes can you tell me what's wrong by not telling me that my system is "not capable of running this game"?
    I've had multiple threads on this and The only answers i've had is "your cpu and gpu is crap" and "the game is badly optimized".
  8. And you have to excuse my anger but i just want the game to work, as it is an amazing game when it finally works, but there are so many stupid problems about it that i'm just going mad.
  9. I have to say "your cpu and gpu is crap" and "the game is badly optimized" are valid. First of all, your gpu are not gaming class. Second of all, every one knows that the game is poorly optimized, so please accept those fact. You are saying that it can run for 60fps then lag so you think your hardware can run the game at 60fps constant? That is too far from the truth. When a game is demanding but well coded, it will give you slower fps but smooth play because the hardware are working at its hardest by codes fed to the hardware and executed at a constant, well controlled rate. But a poorly coded game will give you performance issues. It can run fast, but because the the codes are poorly executed, it creates a lot of delays and hence the lag you observe. Don't get demanding games mixed up with badly optimized "broken" game. To minimize the lag in broken game, you need really good hardware to make it so even if it lag, the fps is still ok and therefore not so noticeable, like hundreds of fps and lag with 32fps as oppose to 60fps and lag with 1fps

    Minimum system requirement and recommended system requirement:
    The game has a minimum requirement of Athlon II 2.4ghz and you just pass that.
    There is a difference between minimum and recommended system requirement. Minimum system requirement means you need at least that hardware to install the game and start it, playability is not guaranteed. Recommended system setting is the minimum tested system which will run it smoothly. It is lucky that you didn't get FSX, or else you are also going to start multiple threads asking people why the game is not running smoothly. If you look at minimum system requirement for FSX, it is 1ghz (unspecified) processor, 256mb ram and 32mb dx9 gpu. Yeah right, as if can you play FSX on a 1ghz p3 with 256 rdram and a FX5200.

    I doubt if you haven't try turning everything down already.That being said, there are still something you can try which might get it to playable, although I cannot guarantee its success. Try defrag your disk. I know this is not a usual fix for a game performance issue, but apparently, someone got it fixed. Also try disable Aero, and lastly and a very strange fix, there had been report of running frap with the game will smooth-out the game-play.
  10. Ive tried anything, and the stuttering appears just as much regardless of the graphical settings. It is a known problem, that even people with high-end setups have these problems too, but i can't get any help with it.
    The first computer i tried this on, a C2D 6600 2.4 GHz, 2 GB of RAM, Windows XP and GeForce 7950 GX2 1 GB (4-5 years old!!) and it ram the game fine on high settings, without these problems.

    The game runs absolutely fine in between the lag spikes/stuttering.
    It's less stuttering when I'm not in a vehicle, when i start driving, that's when stuff starts to get unplayable. But i can't go through this game without a vehicle.

    I have overclocked my processor to 3.1 GHz and ive installed the latest patch that removes Social club, but now the game wont even START.
    So my biggest problem now is making the game launch.
  11. your computer is ***. its not good enough to play the game well.

    but since you insist turning off windows event log will solve your problem, especially if you have torrented this game which this stuttering problem is prevalent in.
  12. i have stuttering whenever I rotate the camera(i7+5850). the problem is with the game, and can occur in high end systems. your problem may be alleviated somewhat by improved hardware, but you will just have to accept that this is the worst console port in history with a multitude of different issues, and you are better off playing it on a console if you have one
  13. i never had any problems playing med high on my laptop and desktop. a lot of people find turning off windows event log helps the stuttering
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