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Hi Guys

I can use some input here. I did a new system build and used windows 7 64bit for the o/s. After properly shutting down the system. I go through all sorts of problems getting fired up again. I need to do a system repair and then a restore to get back up again. Can't figure out what is happening here.

Using an amd 965 cpu 4 gig of memory and an asus m4a785td v-evo mobo
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  1. Hi Ibe,

    I'll try to help you out but I desperately need some more details. When you say you go through all sorts of problems...can you specify "sorts of problems?" Do you have to like hold the mouse buttons while pressing 1,2,3,4 and then 3 seconds later turn on the power button? (stupid example I know...but you see my point...)
  2. The o's does not start up when you turn the computer on. A blue screen flashes and then asks if you want to run system repair
  3. It sounds like you're getting a BSOD, system restarts, and then you come across a black screen that asks that question. If I'm picturing it correctly, then you should be able to see that blue screen if you press F8 as soon as you complete POST, and select "Disable automatic restart upon failure" Post the error code here and whatever the message says here.

    Or you can try doing a disk repair. Load up your Win 64 OS cd. Boot from it and open up the command prompt. Run a disk check...chkdsk /r and let it run. Another thing you may want to check is your boot manager using the bcdedit command. You may have a corrupted boot partition

    bcdedit /bootsequence or bcdedit /displayorder to show your boot configuration. IF Windows 7 isn't listed, there's a huge problem and that will require another message. If it's listed, be sure it's default. bcdedit /default (GUID number of the Windows get this from the previous command)

    I'll proceed with more instructions when I hear from you.
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