AT power supply ???

Quick question....with an AT power supply connector, do the red wires, or the black wires go together? I thought I remembered, but now I'm doubting myself because the system won't boot up.

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  2. phew...thanx :)

    I was beginning to think I fugged it up. Now another question....Since that's hooked up right, what would cause the system I just put a new motherboard/cpu in not to boot up? no beeps, and the floppy + hd lights stay on solid.

  3. Other than wrongly placed or reversed cables {floppy, HD, CD, fans, ect.} I need all info on system.
  4. I just put a new motherboard & cpu into a friends system, and it will not boot up. No beep, no display, and the hard drive/cdrom/floppy lights stay on. The motherboard is a Onspeed U631 and it came w/ a 533 mhz celeron processor. I have it set up to run at 66.8 x 8 (= 534.4). I have disconnected everything except the ram & floppy drive to see if any of the other stuff was causing this....still does the same thing. Any ideas on what could be causing this? The only other time I've seen this was with a DOA motherboard.

  5. May be DOA MB or cpu. Try reseating the cpu , ram , power connects {make sure one of the power connects wires haven't slipped out of place}. Try a different floppy , Video card. Underclock the dip switches. Make sure your floppy cable is correctly placed!!! The MB may be shorted due to being incorrectly screwed on. Lets see what else!! Shorted power switch {try jumping the power on posts, this is a momentary switch so only jump it for a second or two} Let us know.
  6. In your post you said the lights stay on. On the floppy this would mean the cable is backwards.Check on it to make sure the red or marked edge goes to pin 1.on motherboard and floppy. Same for the harddrive, pin 1 is usually next to the power plug.

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  7. Yes, if your floppy or hard drive cables are on backwards, their lights will stay on. Don't leave a computer running liek this-my stepson did and damaged the on-chip controller, ruining the motherboard. The floppy cable always goes opposite of the hard drive cable on the back of the drive, BTW.
    Also make sure you do not have any mounting post sticking up where there are no screw holes in the motherboard, or you'll short out the motherboard. This rarely results in permanent damage, but could, depending on which circuit is grounded.

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  8. well.. I've tried everything, the motherboard is dead. I tried another new processor, another video card, new ide/floppy cables, new floppy drive, reversing the cables, re-mounted the's dead. Now I just have to try to return this thing....we'll see how that goes.

    Thanks for all the suggestions
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