Windows 7 downloads simcity 4 coustom content , but does not show

As the title states, i am able to download content for simcity 4, but it for some reason does not show up in the folder it is said to end up after install, of which it does install. This leaves me confused and so i neeed your help. thanks a lot and much apperciated. I do however know a simliar problem was reported on windows vista so hopping there is a fix for 7.
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  2. Have you used the search box to find your missing files? Also how did you download the content?
  3. Yes, i have used the serch box and i was unable to find it. I would download by just clicking it and then it would tell me if i wanted to install, of which i would say yes. After this, i would then go to pluggind folder to unzip, of which the content would not be there, even thought it would tell me it installed.
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