Does anyone here play League of Legends (LoL)

I was wondering if anyone plays league of legends here. If so, what's your favorite champion/what level are you?

I'm only level 20, but I win more than 1/2 the games I play, then again, I play with 4 of my friends (so it's a 5v5 premade).

For my favorite champion, it's hands down Annie. She has really nice nuking capabilities and can really decide if you win or lose a team battle. With Flash/Ghost as summoner spells, your survivability is boosted up a fair amount. I usually finish each game with a positive KD, even if we lose.

If anyone wants to try the game out, here's a referral link:
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  1. I've been playing LoL for about 8 months now. To tell you the truth, I've played dota before, LoL doesn't really match up to the original of all moba, except for the graphics part.

    It sure was fun learning the game for the first time, but after you see and learn everything, the game is really bland on features and mechanics as compared to dota. :(
  2. i like Lux, the long range sniper ult fits my playstyle well.
  3. Still playing LoL. Tristana FTW!
  4. Anyone can tell me why they like LoL in particular? Like which features make you choose LoL over say Dota or HoN?
  5. never played dota or hon...the pvp is addictive, just wish the games didnt last so long...some last an hour or more
  6. hmm, well 30 mins is typically a minimum for any moba match. A good game usually lasts as you say an hour or so.

    You can try twisted treeline, since the map is smaller it's a bit quicker, but with less people.

    The online experience is addictive I agree, but so are other online games. I guess, for you LoL is the first moba, so you can't really compare the them.
  7. seller417 said:
    never played dota or hon...the pvp is addictive, just wish the games didnt last so long...some last an hour or more

    I'm looking at building my first rig and I was planning on the GTX 560 Ti for GPU. I had trouble finding information on how different cards rank in relation to league - what kind of fps do you get with the GTX 560 Ti?
  8. with a GTX you will run League with no problem. I had a GeForce Go 7400 (laptop card) and it was running it at 30 fps at lowest in 1280x800. Now I got a GTX485M, which uses like 5-10% of GPU to run the game in 1980x1080 all maxed at 60 fps. With a desktop card like GTX560 this game is a joke.

    Don't worry man, BF3 is the one you should be looking at for performance peak, not League.
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