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I seemed to have made a blunder. I recently aquired an Asus
cuv4x-m and an 866 pIII to use on it. I had planed to use it in an atx case that used to house a celeron. Problem is that it did'nt fire up. The power supply fan wouldn't even
give the initial 2second whirl I was accustomed to whenever
I turn my surge suppressor on. What whent wrong? The celeron
board and slotket I pulled off got chucked to the side and onto the sponge that came in the asus box, yet after frustration I took that same board fearing static from the sponge had nuked it, put it back and it fired up. I don't get it. Was I too careful with the asus board?
I used every precaution like handling the board only with the anti-static bag it came with and a static strap.the same with the PIII 866.
On the other hand I handled the old board
with my bare hands until I realized that I needed to reuse it. The manual says that the atx powersupply must have enough current at 5+ sbp to handle the job, but the current at that lead measured 26ma. Any one know what might have gone wrong? I'm stumped !
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  1. My GUESS would be that you had the SB connector wrongly connected to the board......either that or the power supply was not firmly connected......otherwise, test it on another ATX case & power supply, if you have one available.

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