Portal 2 - most interesting game?

Awesome game! No flaws worth mentioning. I was a big fan of the first game, and I don't know why more people weren't. I tried to explain it to people who I'd have thought would like it, but their eyes would glaze over, like "OK...". Oh well- their loss!

The second game picks up right where the other left off, with a little bit of a reminder as to how everything worked. Then it continues with the great sarcastic humor and perfectly thought-out challenges that just builds upon itself so cleverly in every way. Great setting, great voice acting, great puzzles, great sound, great story... Great production values all around, period. I found myself playing like I wanted to finish it fast, just to prove to myself that I was smart enough to do it quickly. Now, I am sad to see its over. :(

Then today, I finished the co-op mode, and it was even better! As I mentioned before, none of my friends wanted to give this game a shot, so I needed a partner. Everyone (including the game itself) warns you to play the co-op mode with a really good friend to ensure you have a really good experience. However, after three tries, I was able to randomly land an awesome partner through the match-up system. We were both using microphones, which I highly recommend. Together, we beat everything in a few hours, with us taking turns coming up with solutions and great ideas. A puzzle would befuddle us every now and again, but then, through some serious head scratching, we were able to pull it off every time.

We both liked the co-op mode the best. It was more enjoyable with a partner, and extremely well crafted. Whether you're figuring something out, or your partner is, or you both get by a tough puzzle together... The sense of accomplishment or satisfaction is like a drug! You just don't want it to end.

But even though it does, I'd still give it 5 stars.

If you happen to not have heard about portal 2, I recommend watching the trailer:

Please share your opinions about the game.
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  1. I though Portal 2 was a great game. However, it wasn't as amazing as Portal 1. Portal 1's release was unexpected at the time and it brought a new sense of first-person action and puzzle/strategy. Portal 2 still brought the great first-person puzzle/ strategy, but it wasn't as captivating as the first Portal. Overall, it is a great game.
  2. portal 2 was a great game. The best game i've played yet. Its miles better than portal. The humour and wit in portal 2 is outstanding. the best game from valve after half life. me too, i'm just sad that the game ended so fast. i completed the game in six to seven hours. it was short, but left me a long lasting appeal. i'd give it 101/100.
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