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Interesting that no one seems to have posted on the SiS735 in here, now that Tom's reviewed it. I know that it has been run into the ground, but I have a question. We all know that it's fast, especially for a reference board with a pre-release bios, and we all hear that it's stable, but what about VIA-type bugs/issues? I know next to nothing about SiS, so does anyone know what their history of compatibility problems are? Since I've pushed back my upgrade/build to August or so (monetary concerns really suck), and this SiS chip is making me drool, I would like to know if it is worth the investment, or should I hope that I can find a suitible substitute (like the ALi or AMD761)?


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  1. SIS has a dismall recent history, to the point where most motherboard makers will not make products using SIS components. To be fair however there offerings to date (preceding the SIS 735) have been targeted at the extreme low end of the sector. This may in fact be a big turnaround for SIS but we will have to take caution to see.

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  2. I too will be throwing a system together around July/August. That info on the SiS735 does sound promising. Maybe a brave soul or two will post here after they get 'em up and running? Meantime, I'll have to rummage around and see if there're p/reviews on this board elsewhere.

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  3. Arcimboldo

    Might I ask that post the link to the previews you find? I'm also interested in finding supporting or dissenting opinions on this interesting "sounding" chip.


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  4. Yeah, it is interesting isn't it. Another thing that I find a little odd is that the performance deltas that "prove" that the SiS 735 is the best thing since sliced bread are actually pretty small:

    Sysmark 2000: 3.15%
    Q3A: 2.49%
    Flask: 1.83%
    Linux Kern: 1.17%

    Not exactly earth-shaking are they? I can get a bigger delta messing with my RAM timings. I'd like to see how that Sysmark score breaks down too...

    Not that I'm saying it's not a decent chipset - it MIGHT be. I've had a couple of encounters with SiS chipsets before and it'll take a lot more than a couple of percent in a couple of benchmarks to convince me to give them another try... You can bet that the board tested was cherry-picked, too.
  5. Given SiS's previous history, this is a radical but good turn of events. I think part of the reason that the boards are fast and good is the fact that their south<->north pipe is bigger than conventional links eg the Vlink. Also I'm interested in what SiS did to make it run at room temp rather than requireing heatsink+fan. Is it .13 for instance.

    I'm torn between several boards at present. the KT7A-Raid if i have raid... or the KT7E which would be great as a "budget" board that performs as well and clocks like a KT7A board. But now i have the SiS board to think about... If someone can do a Sis board with 6 PCI like the KT7E... I'd definatly be torn... also it does SDRAM and DDR. Although the prices for SDRAM and DDR are pretty much the same... It'd be nice not to have to buy new memory.

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  6. So does anyone know when we can expect to purchase one of these motherboards with the Sis 735 chips?

    Even rumors would be helpful
  7. Although everyone tends to drool over performance specs, the main reason a lot of us are excited by the recent developments from SIS and Nvidia is because the AMD platform badly needs a supplier of stable, bug-free chipsets. We're tired of compatibility issues and stonewalling from VIA. Not that either of these other companies has proven itself, but this is a case of "throw the bums out" thinking. VIA should come clean ASAP on the bugs in their current chips, and perhaps do a recall of affected boards. The goodwill they've lost at this point is incalculable. If VIA had the same reputation Intel has re. chipset reliability, no one would be taking SIS seriously, and be more cautiously optimistic about Nvidia.
  8. Well Actually SIS735 has been discussed here, as the most likely alternative to nForce.

    SIS just made a big investment in a new FAB, that makes the lowest micron chipsets, I don't remeber if its 0.15 but something like that.

    My previous experience with SIS has been very good, but all my SIS boards has been Asus, and i have used quite many for the good old Pentium and Pentium MMX. The problem with SIS has always been speed. Ususaly SIS is among the slowest chipsets on the market. SIS was first to integrate audio and graphics if I remember correctly for instance Asus SP3AV for Pentium some 5 or 6 years ago.

    If you can get high quality motherboard with SIS chipset, and it is fast and reliable, I see no problem. If nForce is expensive and not much faster, I will go for SIS.

  9. "so does anyone know what their history of compatibility problems are? "

    Comon now, that question doesn exist or is irrelevant in this industry.
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