Mic problem with Creative Fatal1ty Headset

I have a Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset whose mic isn't working.

The mic (a removable unit) is tightly and correctly seated, the mic switch is in the 'on' position, and I've tried for an hour to get Win7 to recognize a mic input. Currently, Windows lists two recording inputs (Microphone and Line-in). I tried setting either one as default, and the status of Microphone is 'unavailable.' How do I fix this?

What the hell's going on? I got this thing today and I'm wondering if the mic is DOA.
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  1. When I bought my Headset (not the same) People kept say it wasn't Windows 7/vista Compatible and i when to the sound and devices recording tab and clicked on properties of my Microphone, and noticed the volume for the Mic was set to 0 I then set it to 45. Possibly try this?

    Also are their drivers for your headset you might want to try those aswell, if these things don't help your solution maybe you just have a faulty microphone.
  2. install the headset driver if it has 1.
    it should then show up in the audio properties. under recording.
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