Keyboard letter's repeating: a malfunction


i have the same problem like someone with malfunctioning keyboard in this forum at first i thought it was a "spill"
however, i never remember any incident that there's a spill in the keyboard of the laptop.

so, my classmate told me that there's a higher possibility that it's an effect of a trojan or worn virus, the question is what specific virus and what could make it heal...

my main problem is that the letter "eks" in my keyboard malfunction through:

1. not typing the letter even though it's being pressed
2. it automatically types with continuous "eks" even though i'm not pressing it.
3. the numbers 1 and 2 makes my typing work more slow since i need to delete those letters "eks" and sometimes even the backspace helps the letter "eks" produce more "eks". it's irritating you know?

i once healed it, but i don't remember ekactly how i did it, all i could remember is that i tried to reboot the laptop / scan the laptop completely and move all virus to vault / download a virus effect remover...

only to make the problem return by the day, since i allowed my another classmate's usb with virus of trojan and worm inserted in my usb port.

now i'm back to wonderland...of how to solve my problem.

i hope someone answers this question. thank you and God speed.
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  1. Have/can you try an external kdb, sounds like an electrical/mechanical problem ,, a virus would totally snafu the whole kbd not just one letter, after all the letter "X" is not used that much, be better to target say "A,E or I",, hmmmm... :)
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