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forgive my naivete but is it possible to add additional RAM or replace the HDD with a raptor? Just curious nothing is wrong with the playstation.
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  1. well I'm sure it's possible, but will probably void any warranty you might have and will also probably deed any tech support you might need with it useless due to the void warranty.

    Other than that I've heard that PS3 uses a regular 2.5" HDD, so that should be easy enough. As for ram, if you can open it up and check what it's got, you might be able to add more, given there's extra slots available (unlikely though), so only option is replacing the original modules, which then comes down to, will the thing work if you give it any other type of memory chip other than what it's used to? I hear games are typically coded with direct I/O to hardware, so you might put it better ram, but you might not see an increase in performance if the game/PS3 is not coded to use the extra RAM.

    just my thoughts, I ofcourse could be wrong, since I don't own any consoles :P
  2. you can maybe upgrade your hard drive http://www.gamespot.com/features/6176090/how-to-upgrade-your-playstation-3-hard-drive

    but there is absolutely no way to change the RAM
  3. Also, it is recommended that you stick with 5400 rpm drives as the 7200 rpm and faster drives put out more heat which the PS3 isn't designed to handle.
  4. mod the cooling system :D
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