What video card do you need for gta iv

what video card do you need to have for grand theft auto IV??
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  1. Greatly depends on your screen resolution and how high you want to crank up the graphics settings. Another thing to note is that GTA IV is a very CPU heavy game, anything less than a fairly fast quad core will lead to poor performance, even with a powerful video card. The game is also poorly optimized and suffers occasional performance hiccups, even with high end hardware.

    If you want high settings at 1080p, something like a GTX 460 1GB or Radeon HD 6850 paired with a fairly fast quad core CPU would probably be the minimum to get good performance.

    Honestly, if you have the option to play it on a console, you are probably better off with that option rather than trying to play it on PC.
  2. good quad core cpu and as above gtx460 or 6850 for higher resolutions. also 4gb or more of ram is needed to run it in win7. if you have xp it runs ok with 2gb, but would be smoother with more
  3. GTA 4 needs a quad core cpu thats about it. its not that GPU dependant. I played the game on a quad core running at 2.66ghz with a 8800gtx, it played flawlessly @ 1080p.

    Sure would need to crank some of the settings down a bit like the shadows. Which can really hamper performance.
  4. wrong platform to try out GTA4. Is you have a 360 or PS3 you are better off going with one of them. it plays like shite on PC
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