amd chip what about this motherboard ?

What do you think for a new 1.4 AMD I am thinkin about building my own and I know nothing about motherboards where do I start ... I saw that asus is good and this looks like it would work for me with the pci/usb/and 4x agp any ideas ?
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  1. Why not try looking up some hardware site reviews about the particular board? I was in the same position as you on Monday and just started reading up on obo reviews from this site and Planet Hardware, just to name a few. I personally settled on an Abit board, but I bet you'll find what you're looking for. :)

  2. asus is an excellent manufacturer, and the new ALI chipset is also rumored to be top-notch. i have not used this particular board, but these guys have.....

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  3. The ALi chipset has fewer known comaptability issues than an VIA chipset currently on the market (including AMD/VIA combos). The A7A266 is a good board when used with their newer 1.04 bios revision. Previous BIOS for this motherboard was questionable. So get one and upgrade the BIOS if necessary.

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