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Anyone aware of a program that can create a customized script to perform a routine change of settings from a transform or something to that effect?

Basically, something that will configure Windows XP's settings.. I have multiple XP machines that are in use without certain settings. I'm looking for a program that I would be able to send out and have it apply certain settings to XP machines - Remove Fast User Switching, Folder Viewing Options, Background, My Computer/Documents on desktop, etc. Something that is a script that I would be able to have someone double click on to make it happen.

Just curious if anyone out there has worked with a program like this.

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  1. It's called Active Directory Group Policy Objects in Windows Server 2003 :)
    Other than that I don't know. I doubt u want to be running a domain controller in your house :)

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  2. haha.. sadly, I do have a DC in my house..

    But because my work isn't that far advanced yet and my manager isn't proactive.. I have to find hard solutions to simple things.

    IE. I watch about 20 PCs come through my office for configuration a week. They're all the same hardware, etc. But since we don't have Microsoft VLK licensing, I can't easily create a ghost image. Along with that, my manager has managed to take 48 locations and set their network completely different each time. There are no set network drives, every location is different.
    Oh the best part you ask? 1200+ users, no LDAP. WHAT? Yes.
    I hired in back in August.. I was hired because I have a strong background in Microsoft products, new technologies mainly in companies, AD, networks, some cisco. But, I notice right away we all work in random workgroups, yet maybe 50% of our servers have AD installed but they are all their own tree, no forests. I've installed DNS on several servers because we're still using WINS (which isn't configured to replicate, it's basically local to each network) but my problem with DNS is that he decided that only select ports are going to be open. So whatever ports DNS uses (Don't know offhand) are blocked, which keeps me from doing recursive queries to my other DNS servers.
    Oh it gets better..
    70% of the time I have to know the IP address of any object on the network because the WINS won't pick up on it. IE (I need access to the server's network share.. ) So I need to figure out what the server's IP address is, which could have a range of 4-5 IPs, which some locations having 2 servers with the same share, one new, one outdated.
    Printers you ask? Each PC has a local TCP/IP port created and attached directly to the external jetdirect box on it. I keep telling them to order the stupid things with internal JD cards and to use the servers for print servers, since most don't do anything except DHCP, yet we spend $7000 on a bare minimum server, but we also have these $110,000 AS400s and i5230 that can do DHCP.
    So here I am.. working in a job that nothing is made easy. I put my two cents in, but since my manager defaulted into his position and there are only 3 network people to support 48 locations and +1200 users, I don't want to travel all across the country. Neither of the other two (network manager and network engineer) have ever worked on a NT/2k/2k3 domain. They're only familiar with Novell and Win98 domains.
    So, all these stupid questions I ask on how to reinvent the wheel three times, are actually there because I know of better ways to do things, but I don't have that as an object.

    But the job pays well and I get unlimited educational reimbursement, so I'll shut up now.


    ps. Let me add in that 6 years ago the company only had roughly 13 locations, so 6 years, add 35 locations, and very limited documentation.
    I also know that I could create a sysprep image that prompts for the windows key which I did do and found out that I needed to activate it through the internet, which that port is also blocked. I could just unblock the port on the !!software!! based firewall, but he's anal about it and doesn't believe it should be open because he doesn't like my idea of being more efficient.
    Also, since we have various microsoft Office's, Basic, Standard, Pro, it's a pain to sit around installing office. I've been working with Wise Package Studio to repackage installs to MSI form but that isn't going all that smooth because I apparently hvae the version with the least amount of documentation and available support.
    This also stems to my "needing a windows xp password crack/reset program" because all the passwords of local accounts on the PC were lost/changed and no one knew them. How else do you log into a PC with only 2 users accounts with unknown passwords? And I didn't have time to spare to play on the internet trying to download a program that would do it either...... there is some frustration there and I had to remain from typing words I really wanted to type..
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  3. Damn, it sure looks like you have your hands full. That actually sounds sort of like my job only my boss isn't an idiot, lol. At least I have a VLK licence for windows...
    My site has 2 techs for almost 3000 computers, lol. I find every way of speeding things up I can find :) Ghost is my savior

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  4. haha.. we're guessing with 1200 users and no one knows how many computers we support. No documentation. I've been trying to get them to let me put in a DC at one of the locations. My manager thinks it takes 2 hours to join 1 computer to the domain. I told him 2 minutes. He started back in 95 supporting 7 IBM dumb terminals and a couple PCs.. somehow, he's managed to work his way up to being a network manager, no college, no certs, no outside training. Our network is held together by our WAN. I'm in awe that this network doesn't get slammed with viruses and it's still up and running.. No one really does any important work though on their PCs, so when hard drives fail, they don't lose anything. It's mainly something to open a session in the As400, which is setup somewhat properly.
    I'm assigned the project of possibly installing Adobe Policy Server. The consultants that have to get an application server configured for it, first thing they asked, "What kind of LDAP do you use?" my answer.. "None." That sent them back to the drawing board on trying to figure out how to get the deal, considering it's a $50,000 piece of software they're pushing.. haha. They want me to manaually enter each user into their system.. which normally would run out and tap into AD or oracle.

    I just don't understand.. I meet and know so many qualified people but the people who are in charge are the ones who know nothing about everything yet they have the final say.. I noticed most networks I see are screwed up with obvious fixes.. maybe it's because they don't want to spend money so they're there to keep the budget low....

  5. I know all about that. The tech departments budget where I work is managed by a secretary at a completely different site and a completely different department. She also has final say in our purchases, we dont. They never understand that we have to pay so much if we want a good reliable server or network switch/router. It took us years to convince them to buy a big cisco switch for a network backbone (to replace a pile of cascaded random unmanaged switches/hubs). It sped up network traffic ridiculously.
    Oh well, that is just the way the world works I guess...

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  6. My manager has a linksys gigabit workgroup switch on his desk. He keeps telling me how great gigabit is with his PC, which of course has a 10/100/1000 NIC in it. It just amazes me that it's so much faster going into the 10/100 unmanaged switches he just bought for our server room. Amazing I say.. oh and the cat 5 cable (not 5e) is helping things out too. Amazing.


  7. lol

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