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I'm thinking about upgrading to an SSD, but having read up on things like moving Users and other things to a normal SATA drive (so that it doesn't kill the SSD quickly), I'm thinking of doing things in a strange way.

Before I go an buy the SSD, I'm thinking about creating a new HDD partition of 40gb and installing Win7 to that drive and essentially treating it just like it was an SSD, and make all the necessary file structure changes.

I would then (once ready) clone that partition straight onto the SSD.

My question is, if I did the above, isn't that almost going to be the same as a clean install on an SSD?

Is there really any additional benefit of installing directly straight onto the SSD itself?

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  1. Simply install Windows 7 onto the SSD. Why clown around with a clone.
  2. This should probably be in the storage forums, so i'll point you in the right direction =) with a similar thread and a few good answers
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