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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

I have a problem maybe someone can help me out here. I just finished the single player mode and wanted to play online. I have the Steam version I dont know if that makes any difference. Win I click play now and have it put me were it likes I end up on an empty server. When I click the server button I only get 3 servers. So I have to be doing something wrong right? I looked in all the menus and cant find any way to search for more servers. Thanks in advance for any help :)
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  1. Did you put ion the code for Multiplayer?
  2. The Halo Don said:
    Did you put ion the code for Multiplayer?

    what code? The CD key I put that in when it asked for it. I can play just only see 3 servers that are empty lol
  3. Oh okay, then go to server browser, then where it says search, put reset.
  4. or for some reason your steam has not updated your game for you. I have seen that being a problem in the past for low server returns. so check and make sure you have up to date version.
  5. will do thanks guys I hope this stuff works :)
  6. The Halo Don said:
    Oh okay, then go to server browser, then where it says search, put reset.

    I could be crazy but dont see a search box lol
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    should be on the right side of the screen...look towards the bottom...should have all filter options as well.

    The reset should be around the Join button. try hitting that and seeing if it helps. Also try changing the region to try finding diff servers.
  8. I'm Having the exact same issue and also recently purchased the game on steam. It worked fine for a couple days. You do have to click the "search" button in order to see the servers but recently it has not been finding ANY games
  9. Ok so clicking the "reset" button next to the "search" button in the server browser did the trick for me! Thanks :)

    The search and reset buttons are towards the bottom right of the server browser just above the giant "JOIN" button
  10. make sure you run the loader and the main game exe as administrator...
    adjust there properties. so its permanent.
  11. If you can't find any servers, untick all the options, i.e - password, punkbuster, maptype, etc. I had a similar prob so unticked everything except punkbuster enabled.
  12. If your game is outdated and doesn't automatically Update.

    Step 1)Open Steam>Library
    Step 2)Right click Battlefield Bad Company 2>Properties
    Step 3)there will be 4 different tabs Click the 2nd one(UPDATES)
    Step 4)Automatic Updates make sure you have "Always keep this game up to date" Selected in the drop down menu

    hope this helps.

    Best of luck ;) ;)
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