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Should i get an n64 ds/psp or save for new pc

hi im wondering wether to buy an n64 for its great classic games a ds/psp or buy a new higher end pc i love pc and retro gaming but have never really played any hand held games other then a tiny bit of gbasp any help or suggestion why one is better than the other would be apreciated
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    Handheld games arent very good imo. They are a good distracion for kids when you want them to behave but other than that there isnt much depth. N64 was an epic system, but you can get most of the games on torrent sites for playing on PC. I would go PC and never look back.
  2. ok i think ill buy a pc controller for project 64 and save for a pc
  3. Good choice - PC keeps alot of options open for you, even if you want to classic game there are plenty of ways to do it on pc
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