Access point and DHCP

I have a puzzling question here.

I have an old laptop acting as an ICS device for sharing of internet access to my network. The laptop is connected to a 10baseT hub and a Compex access point ( is also connected there, the rest of the PC network are connected via the wireless network and everything worked fine.

Now I want to try 2 separate scenarios:

1 - Everything communicate viua wireless, no more wired network (the DSL modem is the only one wired to the ICS laptop via a 3Com LAN card, there is also a Wireless LAN card in that laptop for the rest of the network) In this configuration DHCP broadcasted by the ICS laptop is not seen by the rest of the network , i.e the access point does not pass through the DHCP, all other access work (file sharings etc.)

2 - The second scenario I have not tried is a complete reversal of the wired/wireless set up, all PCs connected via a wired network and the access point wired too. The only thing via wireless will be the ICS laptop (which is of course wired to the DSL modem via the 3Com LAN card).

I have not tried this set up yet but I wonder if DHCP will be again transmitted from the wireless network to the wired network.

I suspect the access point is geared towards transmitting DHCP from the wired to the wireless and not vice versa and not between wireless device.

Any comments and answers ?
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  1. what AP do you have?

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  2. There are much better ways to configure your network.

    But we need a little more info from you.

    Does your modem have a ethernet port?

    Does your wireless have an ethernet port?

    Is it an access piont,router,switch or a combination of these.

    Are you using a Hub? How many comps?

    Let us know what you have and we will post the best configuration for your equipment.

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  3. Hi there,

    The AP is a simple one from Compex with just one Ethernet connection, the DSL modem also has one Ethernet connection. I have both a 10baseT hub and a 100baseT switch.

    The DSL modem and PC acting as ICS router sits in a quiet corner and it is not desirable to wire them to the main group of PCs (4 desktop PCs) as the route out is quite contortionate. At first the PCS were also using wireless but I found that we uses more and more multimedia files which is a pain to pass through wireless, so I bought a 100baseT switch and wire them together, one of these PC is a video server and regularly receive huge video file, using the 100baseT it take just a couple of minutes, using the wireless take hours.

    The DSL group also manage the printers via print sharing (x2)

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