Loading floppy onto Windows 7?

Hello, I've searched for this topic but can't find an answer.

Is it possible to load a small and old programme from a floppy onto Windows 7?

Windows 7 will not allow it. Is there any way I could get around this? I'm afraid I'm not very computer savvy.

The programme is a small astrology programme belong to my better half whom is now less than impressed with a upgrade from XP.

Thanks for reading.
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  1. Is It A MS-DOS Based Application?, if It Is I May Have The Perfect Solution...
  2. What do you mean "windows 7 will not allow it" do you get a error mesage like 16 bit program?
  3. I'm guessing you have window 7 64 Bit. If so and as above post indicated, if the program contains ANY 16 Bit code Answer = NO. I have simular problems with "OLD" programs on CDs written back in the Win 98 days. Reason I have to use win 7 32 Bit.

    If you have the 32 Bit version, then you might try right clicking the install (Setup) icon and select to install using win XP compatability mode (or Win 98 Compatability mode).
  4. If Its MS-DOS Based You Could Simply Run Dosbox
  5. Hella-D
    Tryed DosBox 7 worked for running Basic proffessional in win 7 64 bit.- Good Catch
    And should work if OP program is Dos Based.

    If it is a Win based program I would think a XP emulator may work. But that requires a Higher version than premium.
  6. Thank you for for your replies.

    I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit software.

    I can open the floppy (which did load on XP) and then I get several icons. If I click on the setup I then get a message saying that the version is not compatible with this version of windows. The programme creators seem to have dissappeared so I'm unable to buy a newer version.

    I understand that its probably because of the 64bit that my problems has arisen but I'm afraid the Dosbox 7 and MS Dos questions utterly defeat me. How do I know if floppy is MS Dos? Could any of you possibly point me directly to a programme that may solve this.

    If anyone needs more information please ask and I'll do my best. Thank you.
  7. if it did work with XP, you have a little problem, Home and Home Premium do not have a XP Compatability Mode, whick would solve your problem, if you download Hirens Boot Disk v9.5 or later, is has tiny XP on it, you could boot into Tiny XP and run the program from there, but you would not be able to run the program any other way( unless you upgrade Win7 to PRO or Ultimate)
  8. Thanks number13.

    At the moment I'm reluctant to upgrade Windows due to another slight problem....... I recently bought a new computer which had the Windows 7 on it. This computer died within a week (would not turn on) so I have returned it. However I took out the hard drive and placed it in my old computer which I am now using until the return of the new one.

    Windows 7 has noticed the change of hardware and is trying to get me to register again stating that all windows components may not work.

    The next question is........ if and when the new one returns and if I can then replace this hard drive back into it and if I then decide to upgrade would it resolve this issue or would it be cheaper to get a new wife?
  9. we can talk about computers all day, as for your wife, you want me answer that(lots of sarscasm), when you put the HDD back in the computer, you may still need to reregister Windows, probably not, but maybe, but it shouldn't be much of a problem anyway
  10. While it wont get your program working there are several astronomy based gadgets available...which are free.
  11. Number 13: You Said "Home and Home Premium do not have a XP Compatability Mode"
    This is not true you can select to run a program in XP compatability mode. That is how I got Wavestar program to run. You can not run a virtual XP in Win 7 Premium, must have next higher version.

    Concur with lupinsithlord, May be time to locate a newer program.
  12. I must point out some terminology confusion in this thread.

    Compatibility Mode is available in every version of Windows 7 (this is where you right click an executable, select Properties and go to the Compatibility tab to pick an earlier version of Windows). This reports the build number of Windows in accordance with the selection on that screen to the program in case it will not run if an unapproved build number of Windows is detected.

    Windows XP Mode differs greatly from Compatibility Mode. Windows XP Mode is an actual separate virtual machine (like you would run via VMware Player/Workstation, or another virtualization application), run through Microsoft Virtual PC. Windows XP Mode is only available to users of Windows 7 Professional or higher.
  13. The_Prophecy, thanks for clearing that up, I had mistakenly thought that Compatability Mode and Xp Mode were the same
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