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My ps3 has a blinking red light

hi my ps3 was working last night but when i turned it on it goes green for a second then just blinks yellow and then procedes to blink red nonstop ive already paid to have the ylod fixed which cost a hefty 150$ after just 2 1/2 years and now its starting to happen again i heard if i got it fixed already i can get it for free but anyway any help is as always aprecciated BTW:its a model 1 60gb ps3
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    It may be an overheating problem or bad thermal sensor. if it's an overheating problem, make sure all the vents are clear and maybe buy an external cooler for it.

    If it's a bad thermal sensor, it will need sent in for repair. Since you just recently had it repaired, it may be under warranty. You can call Sony and find out.
  2. i called sony they want 200$ to fix my ps3 that they got 200$ to fix before so after 800 bucks they still think that i should be liable and pay them a total of 1000$ for a system i can buy new for 299 bucks with 2 games screw sony in fact my sony ps2 cables dont work out of the box my ps3 has broken 2 times my sony tv has a green screen due to poor quality and my new sony tv doesnt have an rca port! good i hate sony from this day on
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