All my online pc games are timing out what do i do?

my pc i good for gaming except for one problem online games timeout which is frusturating and extremely annoying if you have any suggestions please help! the timeout causes enemies and player to walk endlessly into walls and enemies dissapear or dont die.
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  1. I've gone to a place called and I got a A+ and ive tried turning off norton but it still happens it used to be just my steam games Team fortress 2 and killing floor so I decided to take a break and play halo 2 and half way through a match gfwl timed out! so I can't play any online game. please reply
  2. sounds like a firewall exemption issue
  3. well i turned off my firewall and tried to play killing floor and it was fine then my team mates and all the enemies walked forward into wall my ammo was unlimited and the enemies dont die i think its my router
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