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Dual Monitor Gaming

Is it possible to run games on a dual monitor with a 560 ti? or do i need eyefinity?

Aka Dirt2, Crysis, WoW.
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  1. you can run most games on a 2 monitor setup. but its not really that good. your center is between the 2 screens. with 3 your center is a screen rather than being off to 1 side.
    games like x3 will allow 2 monitors. 1 for the main window the other for the control-panels.
  2. i agree with hexit. If you're thinking of playing with multiple monitors 3 monitors is something i would recommend than 2 monitors. But for that you'll need an amd/ati card.
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    Nvidia's 2D Surround Vision only works with three screens and SLi.
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