ASUS A7V Motherboard Support Athlon 1.33 266 CPU?

I have an ASUS A7A Motherboard with the BIOS 1003, and an AMD 950 MHZ CPU with 256 MB of PC-100 RAM.

I want to replace the AMD 950 MHZ CPU with an AMD Axia 1.33 GHZ 266 FSB CPU.

I am giving my AMD 950 MHZ CPU to a relative.

What upgrades do I need for my ASUS A7V Motherboard to properly run the AMD Axia 1.33 GHZ 266 FSB CPU?

I already replaced my PC Power & Cooling 275 Watt Silencer Power Supply with a PC Power & Cooling 400 Watt Silencer Power Supply.

Can I use my existing PC-100 RAM, or do I need PC-133 or PC-150 RAM?

What BIOS Revision do I need?

I plan to purchase an ASUS A7N266 Nvidia Chipset Motherboard when it comes out in a few months.

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  1. Well, that depends. Is it an A7V or an A7V<b>133</b>?

    If it's an A7V, it won't support a 266 MHz FSB processor, and you will have to get an Athlon 1.2 with the 200 MHz FSB.

    If it's an A7V133, then it will support the 1.33 GHz 266 FSB Athlon.

    Asus's site isn't too good about telling you what BIOS updates are for, but you may need to Flash to the newest BIOS to support the 1.33 GHz (if it is an A7V133).

    And in case you don't know which it is, you can usually tell by looking at the manual. Or they also print it on the motherboard near the PCI slots.

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  2. I understand you wanting the ASUS A7N, make sure it has the RAID option and the much talked about on board sound, don`t forget that (according to Tom) there are some 32 variants of the chipset.
    I myself am still running the A7V133 and awaiting the new nVIDIA chipset boards, however, I will wait untill Tom does a round up of all the partners before deciding on the M/B I will use.

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