Anyone using a MSI K7 Master and 1.4GHz/266 Tbird

I'm considering a 1.4GHz Tbird (266FSB) and MSI K7 Master motherboard. I know Tom used one for a recent test of the 1.4GHz Tbird, but noticed that AMD does not list the K7 Master as a recommended motherboard for the 1.4GHz, only for lower speeds. I figured that was just due to their info not being updated, but after seeing AMD's errata on the DDR Chipset, there was a note about FSB noise that is not fixed even in the latest steppings, with a note that the motherboard has to have low pass filtering to address this. I can't remember if this was an issue only for 266FSB or only at higher ratios (which the 1.4GHz would be using).

Has anyone here used a 1.4/266 Tbird with a K7 master that could comment on stability, etc.?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have this setup with an MSI Geforce2 pro 64mb. I get 8839 with 3dmark2000 and 3503 with 3dmark2001. Go to the forums at VIA hardware, MSIhardware, Amdmb, and AMDzone and search for this board and start reading for a week like I did. That way you'll be prepared for the 4 in 1 drivers, 1.1 bios flash ( I haven't flashed mine yet) and the AMD agp driver (very important). Some of my older games (Janes WW2 Fighters, Janes F/A 18, Motor-x madness 2) have occasional lockups but this may be because of DX.8 I installed. WW2 never liked nVidia chips much anyway. I bought this board because it was a good solution for AMD. Make sure you have a good power supply (msihardware had a good thread on this). I have an Antec 1030b case. It's a warm chip @ 120F with a retail CPU. It has an accurate thermoresister that sticks up under the cpu and touches the chip for very accurate temps. Read the review at Hardop right now. ok..enough already...Maybe you should read forums for a month until the Palomino is out with new MoBos and the new Soun Blaster is here.;)


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  2. I have a K7 Master with a 1Ghz Athlon-C overclocked to 1425Mhz (150Mhz x 9.5). It runs perfectly stable at the default core voltage and I/O voltage. I can't say all K7 Masters are stable at this speed, but mine is.
  3. I also have this configuration and I am wondering if I set it up correctly. My average starting temp is around 54C and gets as high as 59C under load in a warm room. The only setting I changed was the FSB to use 133MHz instead of 100MHz. This temperature difference seems like too much.

    I've also seen a handful of lockups, but I am still not convinced it's the game running under Win2000 with DirectX 8.
  4. I was running the same temps until I modded my case with an extra fan coming out the top. check out for futher Info see thread how hot is to hot and others

    K7-Master Ver. 1.1 2 dimm Bios Ver 1.1
    T-Bird 1.2 266fsb retail box OC'ed to 1.4
    {cpu host/pci clock: 140/35}
    {cpu Vcore select: Default}
    {cpu ratio: x10}
    Tai-Sol CGK760092 H/S
    Crucial 512mb PC2100 CL=2.5
    Unbuffered non-parity 8-8-8-3-7-2-3
    Asus V7700 32 DDR Geforce 2
    {Memory Clock 400}
    {Core Clock 210}
    {8500 3D Mark 2000}
    IBM 30GB 75GPX ATA/100 HD
    SB Ensoniq in slot 3
    56k Modem in slot 4
    50x cd-rom
    Enlight 7237 Mid Tower 350 PS w/ extra fan
    Win 98se
    Drivers Installed using newest downloads
    {VIA Atapi}
    {IRQ routing}
    {VIA INF}
    {AMD AGP mini port}
    Drivers off the CD
    {MSI nVidia Drivers}
    {DirectX 8}
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