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i m Asad i want to play GTA San Andreas online so Plz play online GTA San Andreas Game
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  1. i'm guessing there are still a few more servers for playing gta sa.
    And lol, we're a little too busy around here...
  2. hi im sean where can you find gta san andreas on lin games?
  3. There are 2 different mods for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas online, Multi Theft Auto (MTA) and San Andreas Multi Player (SA-MP)

    Last time I played San Andreas, I used both mods and MTA had barley any servers, SA-MP seemed to have hundreds if not thousands of servers, With alot of people playing. If you're using MTA, That could explain why you have no one to play with.
  4. I have San Andreas Multiplayer and if you don't have a fast internet connection, it's pretty much unplayable.
    PS: If you wanted to play it online, without having the game in your computer, you can't, it's too big to be an online game.
  5. I'm playing GTA samp online, many servers are still running, It's easy to download "samp online" just search in google
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