I had to post this i wasn;t getting any help....
I have a friend of mine who would like to put together a new system incorporating an INTEL CPU 1 GHZ..
i adviced him to get the ASUS CUSL2-C MOBO..with the 815EP chipset...
problem is that he has no asus products in his country...all that he can find is GIGABYTE...
so..are they any good??..he plans on getting the GA-6OX..and it seems that's the only one...
has anyone tried out this brand...and if so..this specific model..
ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED....cuz if i get negative responses on it...i'd rather ship him an ASUS CUSL2-C...but shipping and taxes would cost him a [-peep-] load of money...
thanks in advance
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  1. I've never used Gigabyte boards myself, but I've heard good things about them. Many of the OEM manufacturers (Micron, Compaq, etc.) use Gigabyte boards for their AMD systems because they tend to be the most stable.

    I looked at the specs on this system, it's pretty nice. It doesn't have any onboard crap, so it's comparable to the CUSL2-C. And considering that it has an 815 chipset, I doubt he will have any problems, the 815 is a very stable chipset.

    <i>I don't know anything about computers... but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night...</i> :lol:
  2. I have had real good luck with gigabyte mobo. I have just completed a 7zx with an 700 duron as soon as all the kinks worked out I will then install an athlon 1 gig. Its the second or third gigabyte board I have used. The only thing I ever had happin was the latest board had a malfunction and wouldnt find the HD but I swaped it out where I bought it no problem Good luck
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