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Witcher 2 glitch

i keep trying to get into the witcher but every time i start to i run into a glitch where the ground level rises to geralts waist so hes running around half way in the ground. it only happens in areas with grass or dirt, inside buildings it doesnt happen. anyone else run into this or have any ideas what to do because its getting really irritating
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  1. Try downloading the most current drivers from ATI or NVIDIA and also make sure your game is up to date with the current patch
  2. If none of those are a fix then try reinstalling the game
  3. Tried re-starting from checkpoint ?
  4. i have the latest drivers and patch installed, i have restarted from checkpoint, restarted game, and uninstalled and reinstalled already. so ya it really sucks
  5. Quote:
    Did you download it from pirate bay?

    ^ was my next question if it was a retail copy or not.
  6. if it wasnt retail i wouldnt even bother complaining about a problem. do you think it would help if i exchanged it possibly
  7. Hey is your graphics card OC'd? I just bought a 6970 and had it OCd to 950/1450 and when I started playing the witcher 2 after I had done this it started doing exactly what you described. I thought it was strange that only one game could cause my vid card to be unstable seeing as everything else was running fine, but it makes sense as that game could just be more taxing. Anyway I played with the OC and reduced it until it went away.
  8. yes i didnt oc it but it is a factory oc'ed msi 6970 twin frozr. well maybe ill try lowering the oc. what settings for your card eventually made the game stable for you?
  9. Go with the reference settings for your card. It's possible the OC damage something and you should RMA it.

    I had a GTX 570 OC and it broke (started crashing and artifacting) after about a week of Witcher 2 play. I exchanged it for a reference GTX 580 and have had no problems.
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    I reduced it to 930/1425 and it stopped, at least after a much longer period of time. I havent seen it do that since. Yea Im not sure about versions that are OC'd out of the box, mine is just a reference stock 880/1375. I would assume even as an OC its prob only a slight bit OC'd above the stock settings, and I have no other problems with any other games, even at higher clocks. Therefore, I doubt its a problem with the video card itself. Unless you (the op) are having problems with ALL of your games.
  11. I have no problems with other games just the witcher there might be a little screen tearing occasionally but nothing serious. ive just never ran into any problem with any game ever where a simple load checkpoint or restart wont fix it. ill lower the settings on the card a bit and hopfully that helps
  12. ya i went into settings and it was only oc'ed to 940/1375 so im thinking about raising the memory clock idk ill figure it out eventually
  13. well ive been messing with it for two days now, no luck. i can at least play for around an hr before it messes up, i guess ill just play it til then and pray a patch.
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