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With the recent steam sale, I decided to grab bfbc2 vietnam. I had the bfbc2 retail cd version so steam wouldn't let me get vietnam... so, I got bfbc2 off steam as well. Now I installed the new game and it works, but when I log in with my ea account I no longer have my original rank that I had in bfbc2 before! any ideas?
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  1. contact e.a. support on the irc chat. they will check the key against your account then they will try to help. its unlikely they will ask for the key but will ask you to sign in to the account you want to merge
  2. I agree with what HEXiT said.
    contact EA Support, and notify them of your situation.
    like HEXiT says, keep the key handy.

    Did you use the same BFBC2 account login to login to the steam version? or did you create a new account?
  3. I used the same bfbc2 account on both versions. The only difference between the two is the game code... I'm on chat with their support, and the first idiot literally could not understand that I used the same account again. He kept telling me that I could not transfer rank between accounts... so he moved me up to the next level of help. yaay! 40 minute wait again!
  4. They canceled my request... wow.
  5. Okay, so apparently, "I would like to informed you that if you purchase new code for the game , it means that you purchased whole new game and thus , you can not play with previous rank" he would like to informed me...
  6. Martin 71 said:
    They canceled my request... wow.

    WOW really? thats wrong..

    did u explain to them that you bought a second copy of the game via steam which is replacing the Physical copy of the game??
  7. Yes. I'm relatively angry...
  8. As much as it is a pain Call them again later and you might get a Smart Customer support employee. When my Xbox broke I had to call 4 Times for them to finnally understand what my problem was. (A simple RROD)
  9. yep try at a different time of day and see if you get a better rep.
    when i chatted to 1 and explained i had no veteran status she checked my account and then added bf2 alongside bf1942 to make sure...
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