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Crysis 2 DX11/hi-res patch and 3D vision.

Anyone using Nvidia 3d vision with the new Crysis 2 Dx11 and high-res texture pack? 3d vision was working fine before the patch, now when I start the game the glasses turn on right at first and I get the rating info in the bottom right like usual (and now is says "Fair" when it used to be a 3D vision ready title), but the initial loading screen stutters badly for a few seconds and then the USB hub thingy/glasses shut off. Then when I go into the 3d menu and enable stereoscopic 3d nothing happens. I'm using 2 GTX 465s in SLI, all my other games work fine with 3D vision on and I'm having no issues with Crysis 2 running DX11 and the new ultra textures, other than stereoscopic 3D not working. Did Crytek kill 3d vision support with the new patches or is it just me?
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  1. did crytek say that their new dx11 patch will work with 3d vision? I'm betting they didn't
  2. Well they didn't say it wouldn't work, it worked before the patch, and all the other DX11 games I have tried worked.

    Looks like I have to wait for new Geforce drivers or try and roll back to a previous version.

    Anyone out there who actually has 3D vision and has tried this game with the older driver versions and DX11? I'm hesitant to roll back because SLI didnt'work in that game with previous drivers and no SLI for 3D vision is not a fair trade off.
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    The DX11 patch does NOT support stereo 3D, and that is the official word. This is a driver issue which will have to be addressed by nVidia in a future driver release. Only way to get stereo 3D atm is to keep running DX9.
    Bummer, I know.
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