ASUS A7A266 Video problems!!

Components: (All brand new/OEM)
Motherboard: ASUS A7A266 DDR/SDR
Processor: AMD 1.2GHz TB.
Monitor: 19" KDS
Power Supply: 300W

Hello, I just purchased the ASUS A7A266 MB and I still haven't got it to boot up even once!

My video card (ATI RADEON 64MB DDR)-agp- won't work with my motherboard. I have made certain that the video card is fully pushed into the AGP slot, tightened the screw down to the case, everything. I just cant get the thing going. My monitor connection is also firmly screwed into the monitor port on the back of the video card.

Does anyone have any theories as to what could be the problem?

I get power to my board fine, the led light is on, my cpu cooling fan comes on...just that my video card doesn't want to work with this board.

I'm open to any suggestions,


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  1. What exactly do you mean by "won't boot up"? You don't say whether your system posts or not. This probably isn't a video card problem (since no boot up), but just in case, have you tried a different video card? Also a 300w psu is probably the <i>bare minimum</i> for an AMD system, and may not be enough (should be, but I don't know how power hungry your ATi Radeon is). Hope this helps! Good luck!

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  2. As suggested already, it may not be the graphics card, in most cases, even if you get a post (without beeps) or a blank screen, it is due to the SDRAM, not that it is faulty (although it could be, as they shock easyly), but you should try anouther DIMM if you have one.
    Your 300W P/S should be O.K, but with the newer M/B`s & CPU`s 300W`s is only just enough, for example, I run 350W and that is because I found the 300W not capable of supplying my hardware needs.

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  3. Check your connections for the start switch. Your start switch should be connected to the 4th and 5th posts if you are counting from the right side of the bottom row. I made the mistake of putting it on the 3rd and 4th. I am not sure why they skipped a post. Hope that helps.
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