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my uncle baought me a Aspire 5741-5193 in Canada, now I am trrying to use Windows 7 which ask for my product key. I entered the product key and pop up says invalid key.
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  1. you use the original or pirate key bro??
  2. i used the original key....and i'm a
  3. Your laptop was supplied with Windows7 Home Premium already installed, why do you need the product key? The product key on the underside of the laptop is only for the installation of Windows 7 that came with the laptop.

    If you have removed the pre-loaded Windows installation and installed your own copy, then there is a good chance that your Windows7 Product Key will not work, as that is an OEM product key.
  4. yea thats exactly what i thought....but after i used it over 25 said i can't use it anymore without enetring the product key....and i use it alot for my work and now i cant.....
  5. Right so clearly you are referring to MICROSOFT OFFICE not WINDOWS 7.

    MICROSOFT OFFICE is the software you use for typing documents, spreadsheets etc. Microsoft Word, Excel etc..sound familiar?


    They PRODUCT KEY on the underside of the laptop is for WINDOWS 7 not MICROSOFT OFFICE
  6. and the installation of MICROSOFT OFFICE on your Acer laptop is designed to stop working after 25 uses because it is a TRIAL. It is not the fully licenced version of the software, and if you want to use it any more you must BUY a licence from Microsoft or your local retailer.
  7. Know the difference between operating systems and desktop publishing software.

    Here are the Microsoft Office 2010 products

    Here is information about Windows 7 your OPERATING SYSTEM
  8. ok kool....thanks alot....i'll get to it right now....
  9. newbie..
  10. Also you probably have a trial version of an anti-virus program running as well that will time out at some future date. Don’t pay for the anti-virus program, uninstall it and install Microsoft Security Essentials instead.
  11. debsoci said:
    i used the original key....and i'm a appologies girl...i didn't mean it...huhu...sorry sis.,...^_^....n yeah every laptop purchased should be already installed Win 7 home premium, n that should be Genuine....maybe what you meant was microsoft office.....^_^
  12. I want to thank the past post because I had no idea the product key # was under my laptop.
    totally BIG help. now i can reformat my laptop..
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