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Where can i download crysis 2 for a good price?

I've really been using steam for quite a while and was hoping it would come back on steam but I guess that ships really sailed.
So I've seen that direct2drive has it for 59.99 which seems a little steep for a download.
Amazon has it for 39.99 download. I'm not really sure where else to look. Any suggestions would be great and thanks in advance to everyone.
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  1. at this point 39.99 is the best price ive seen
  2. found it for $28 at although I don't know how much I trust this site. Does anyone have any experience with them?
  3. update: just did the order with play-sc site says it will take a few hours to receive the key in email, I'll keep you guys posted if they hold their end of the deal.
  4. let us all know how that pans out - im very interested seeing as they have brand new games for 25% off retial
  5. well its not a download but i just got a new copy off ebay for $26. i also noticed that there was also download codes on auction for around $30, but i think it may have been for steam but i'd check that out if you dont mind waiting a few days for your game
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    yeah this site that was mentioned offers greatly discounted game cd keys - not the game. so you buy the key from them, download it off steam. its based in singapore... i guess they got tired of gold farming for MMORPG's
  7. Definitely will keep you guys posted.
  8. Took them about 4 hours to send the email with a scan of crysis 2 cd with the cdkey. Very legit code worked on Orgin and im downloading. A few hours of patience saved me around $10. :)
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